The Sum of All Parts

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The Sum of All Parts

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Being Yourself

The Sum of All Parts

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Some Defining Questions

What you will learn

How to set goals and solve problems.

How to create, build or manage a brand that you completely believe in...and people believe in.

How to build your culture, define your purpose and core values.

How authentic and emotional connections are created.

How simplicity has been a driving force in branding and business for decades.

How to execute through identity, film and photography as a true reflection of who you are and why you are in business.

How to execute your communication with honesty—building trust and long term advocates.

How to take the guesswork out of both creative and business strategy which has typically been dependant on inspired intuition.

How everything and everyone is connected—the sum of all parts.

What you will need

Understanding the importance of being yourself.

The desire to build a quality product or service.

Know the audience and community you want to build.

Communicating with honesty and transparency.

We will be covering a lot of information, so please have a notebook ready. The key here is to hit pause and make a lot of notes. You will find key words will come out of these notes and you will begin to recognize a pattern with your thoughts and ideas.

We want to be a source that isn't afraid to ask you questions that will make you think. They make you uncomfortable as you will need to be transparent with yourself to get to the core of who you are and why you are in business.

Who is this for

You may be working on your first brand as just an idea.

You may be just about to prepare to launch.

You may be well into your journey with your brand.

I can tell you from experience its never too late to build your own framework to build that connection with people, grow your business and hopefully inspire other people along the way.

This is what Brand Unification™ is for and it's where Brand Unification™ can help you.

To connect people.

The people in your company.

The people who are your customers.

The people in your valued supply chain.

Why we built this

Today people are looking for authenticity, sustainability, transparency and companies they can stand behind.

People expect a business to behave more responsible socially, environmentally, financially and ethically. They expect transparency and want to know the people in the company.

Most brands are built around hype.

They make promises they can't keep.

That's when you pull the curtain back you start to see inconsistencies in who they are and what they make.

But it really comes down to this—

If you want to build a great brand:

  1. Build a worthy product or service. Something great.
  2. Know who you really are.
  3. Build your community around people.
  4. Communicate with them.
  5. Build trust.

It's pretty simple as you will see as you dive into this workshop.

We want to make this fun by showing you interesting case studies and give you a transparent look at how and why we are building the Foreign Rider Co.

And...when you build a brand that other brands respect—it's also incredibly rewarding because then you know you have done it the right way...and you have been doing the right thing.